If he can she can, and if she can he can.
If he can she can, and if she can he can.
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Our Story

Would you look at that! A photo of all 4 of us, aren't they rare. It's usually just beautiful photos of Daddy with the pair of them...right?! 

Anyhoo, hi there! This is Mart, Nancy, Dawson and myself Jenny. Together we make up Boss Babs, although I have to say I'm the only one really pulling my weight.

Boss Babs was founded in 2018 whilst I was on mat leave. I worked as an Art Director in a London ad agency and I guess I missed the sense of fulfilment that making things (other than babies) gives you. 

Our founding product, The GALphabet, was inspired by our amazing little girl Nancy and our hopes and dreams for her future. We wanted Nancy to grow up with the same boundless sense of confidence and possibility as any other child, never let being a girl hold her back.

What started as just a little idea, has grown and grown and I have absolutely LOVED watching it, and working at it (when the kids allow) to make it happen. Creating ideas that fuel change is our passion and we have so many ideas that we want to bring your way. So keep your peepers peeled, and thank you all for your support so far.

Much love

Jenny, Mart, Nancy & Dawson